Easy Listening Jazz / Conscious Pop

Original Music by Belgian Singer Songwriter Ilse grace


'It is my belief and experience that more then ever we all long for connection, connection with ourselves, with our essence, with each other, with nature, with the world of today.

The world is at a turning point, asking for structural changes on many levels, asking for a new global balance. We are all interconnected, every change on a micro level, will influence the collective consciousness. Personal growth is the necessary process to ‘come home’. 

My songs are about life, about love, about the world that is ready for essence, for a higher frequency, for a Love rEvolution.’

Ilse Grace


Friday, 13 September 2019

Finally news again..

It took some time, some growth, some meeting up with new people, some living life... And yes: the next album is coming very soon now!!!

From 19/09/19 on, also here news will start to show up around the beautiful process of the next Album 'Becoming Whole' in collaboration with new producer Bob Seghers.

So stay tuned! And go to FB or Instagam if you can't wait..


Monday, 17 April 2017

GRACE on Body&Soul Festival- June 4, Antwerp (ALM, Berchem)

GRACE will perform again at the Body&Soul Festival!

In a beautiful evening program with Carrie Tree & Kristalan

Sunday June 4 in Antwerp (ALM-Berchem)

All info on http://www.bodysoul.be

Friday, 23 December 2016

Facebook Live Concerts - December 24, Jan 12, Feb 14, March 21

***Facebook Live Concerts*

Dec 24: Apéro Christmas Concert

Jan 12:  Live Version of Full moon song under Indian sky (live from India)

Feb 14: Happy Valentine: Enjoy this LOVE cover***

March 21: Spring concert - Enjoy the new song of GRACE 'Silver Flame'


Saturday, 01 October 2016

GRACE will play in the beautiful place of Trefpunt in Ghent

GRACE will play in the beautiful place of Trefpunt in Ghent, the place where it all began for the big festival of Gentse Feesten. Come and listen to GRACE SOLO with songs from her beautiful album ‘Heart Desire’, with a lot of her new songs (Glistening Heart, I’m on you, More of me…) and with some stunning covers (‘You’, ‘Train Coming’, ‘I am Light’, ‘Tip van de sluier’…)


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