Her artist name is GRACE, her first album is called ‘Heart Matters’. Her songs are about her life, about struggle, about passion, about love, about human consciousness and enlightenment, about a global LOVE (r)evolution.

Her studio producer was the first person she engaged: a brilliant producer and old soul mate of her, Koen Gisen. And she found the musicians she really longed for through her jazz connection of the earlier days. Kris Duerinck (drums), Luk Michiels (bass) en Ian Mccole (guitar), all three of them top teachers ànd professional musicians, in the studio as well as live. And, they all really gét her music and the energy of Grace, they wrote their own, beautiful arrangements and are her wonderful support.


From a very early age, she was influenced by her mothers outspoken passion for music: from Shirley Bassey to the Carpenters, from Della Bossiers to Ella Fitzgerald.
 She started singing when she was born and took her first piano lessons at the age of 5.  Soon she was composing her own songs and sang a lot in choirs, local events and home bathrooms. It wasn’t until she turned 18 and travelled with Up With People, that she got professional coaching and started to develop her true passion for performing. When she returned home, she joined the University Song Contest and won it two years in a row. In the mean time, Jazz had entered her world and she started following courses at the Academy of Freddy Sunders and at the Dworp Jazz Camps. Her most influential teachers were Deborah Brown and David Lynx. She performed jazz standards for a few years but soon there were children and a full time job and there was no more time for music. It took her 20 years to come where she is today: an old dream, a deep longing, her own album.